Aptamil Profutura Stage 1 900g (08.2021)

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Aptamil Profutura Infant Formula From Birth to 6 Months is a premium infant formulaAptamil® Profutura 1 Infant Formula is a nutritionally complete premium infant formula for babies from birth to 6 months of age.Aptamil Profutura is Nutricia's most advanced formulation featuring a unique blend of scientifically researched ingredients to help build strong foundations for your baby's future progress.Aptamil Profutura is specially formulated to nutritionally support the needs of your baby.


Follow instructions exactly. Prepare bottles & teats as directed. Do not change proportions of powder except on medical advice. Incorrect preparation can make your baby very ill. Infants over 6 months should be offered foods in addition to infant formula.


Do not use if foil security seal is damaged or missing.


Milk solids, vegetable oils (contains soy, antioxidant (ascorbyl palmitate, citric acid)), galacto-oligosaccharides (contains milk), dried omega LCPUFAs (contain fish, milk, soy, antioxidant (mixed tocopherols, dl-alpha tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, sodium ascorbate, citric acid)), long chain polyfructose, emulsifier (soy lecithin), taurine, choline chloride, Bifidobacterium breve M-16V (750 million cfu/100mL), L-carnitine, inositol.Mineral: Potassium, calcium, chloride, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium.Vitamin: Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K1), folic acid, biotin.

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Shipping Weight 1.25 kgs
Country of Manufacture New Zealand
Manufacturer Aptamil
Expiry date or later than 08.2021

Sữa Aptamil Profutura 1 là công thức dinh dưỡng cao cấp dành cho bé 0-6 tháng tuổi, đặc biệt là những bé không được bú mẹ đầy đủ.

Thành phần dồi dào dưỡng chất, đặc biệt là DHA giúp phát triển trí não. Đồng thời, lợi khuẩn chống đầy bụng và táo bón hiệu quả.

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