Bio Island DHA Kids 60 Capsules

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Bio Island DHA is suitable for use by young infants from the age of 4 weeks, the dosages are based on the Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI) and Adequate Intakes (AI) established by the NHMRC (National Health & Research Council).

Scientifically formulated to support infant development. DHA has essential role in the development of the baby's brain, nervous system & vision both during pregnancy & after birth. DHA supports the development of the eyes during early infancy & also helps maintain health vision in children and adults. Adult dosage may assist in the maintenance of cholesterol & triglycerides within the normal range in healthy individuals, improve HDL: LDL ratio & support cardiovascular health.


Children aged 4 weeks - 6 years take 1 capsule; 7 -12 years take 2 capsules. 
Adults, including pregnancy women take 2-3 capsules daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Please take with meal.

*For children under 4 years, twist or cut the capsule tail and squeeze the contents onto a spoon. The contents can then be administered into the mouth, using the spoon. Alternatively, the dosage can be squeezed onto food.

Sản phẩm DHA Bio Island 60 viên giúp bổ sung DHA còn thiếu cho trẻ tạo nền tảng cho sự phát triển võng mạc, phát triển não và các chức năng của não.

Cách dùng:

Trẻ em 7 tháng – 6 tuổi: 1 viên/ngày.
Trẻ em 7 tuổi – 12 tuổi: 2 viên/ngày.
Trẻ từ 4 tuần - 6 tháng: Theo sự chỉ định của chuyên gia y tế.

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